Academics who lend their expertise in litigation cases are typically professors at top universities who are undisputed authorities in their fields; have stellar publication records, and have access to state-of-the-art empirical toolkits as a byproduct of their research work.   

They master an academic body of knowledge that is plainly not available to that their non-academic counterparts. While they are vastly more knowledgeable than non-academic experts, they also tend to be more difficult to identify and recruit, and are often poorly trained in responding succinctly and cautiously to opposing counsel at deposition.

In contrast, non-academic experts are far better trained for deposition but tend to be severely under-qualified on the methodological front if matched with an academic expert.

Economic Associates has access to a network of top academics from which we can identify a subject-matter expert. We act to bridge the gap between the academic world and your litigation case to ensure that your expert is prepared for deposition and becomes familiar with the dynamics of litigation.

litigation experts

litigation experts

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We recruit and screen experts that match your criteria.

We train and support our experts prior to deposition.

We bridge the communication between you and the expert to ensure their output matches your criteria and objectives.