Professor Popkowski Leszczyc is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Queensland, and affiliated with the University of Alberta, Canada and Renmin University, China. His Ph.D. in Marketing is from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is the founder and Director of midsize auction website, CampusAuctionMarket, specializing in charity auctions. In that capacity, he has raised millions of dollars for various charities. He served as Vice President of Electronic Communications, INFORMS Society of Marketing.  He has published over 40 articles in leading marketing and management publications. His primary expertise relates to market research and market design, consumer search, product strategies, social media, and promotion. He has over 10 years of consulting experience, including companies such as Occidental and Unitedway.

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Research Interests

Empirical and theoretical issues related to (Internet) auctions, application of controlled field experiments, charitable giving, consumer search and influence of information on price formation, product bundling, consumer shopping behavior and store choice behavior, online word of mouth, group buying.


Doctor of Philosophy, TEX

Master of Business Administration, New York University

Bachelor of Science, New York University