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Our approach is to exploit commercial data to generate value for businesses. We provide advisory services based on the rigorous analysis of commercial data; including client data, socioeconomic data, behavioral data, sales and transaction data, payment data, and other data habitually collected by businesses operating in the digital age. 

Our recommendations are based on the use of academically sound econometric, statistical and machine learning approaches to arrive at useful recommendations that can affect managerial decision-making and materially impact business commercial metrics. In the absence of useful data, we have access to rich data collection methodologies, from survey design, to lab and field experiments and web crawlers.

We use data mining, clustering and segmentation techniques, cross-section, panel and time-series empirical methods in addition to other empirical techniques to provide data-centered advisory services in general economics, marketing and customer analytics, risk management analytics, and legal expert support.

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Internal or external sources of data collected and organized for analysis



Data-driven, quantitative findings directly tied to the data analytics exercise

State-of-the-art analytics methodologies used 


Advisory services support managerial decision-making and have material impact on commercial metrics